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Consultative practice

As wished we have sometimes done some consultative practice days.

During such events a person can try out their car's limits in slippery conditions, for example braking from different speeds (what does that tiny "nah, let's go another +10, there's no difference any way" mean, what's the result of keeping "default" distance to the car in front etc). Many, many have sworn to change their ways in traffic after such experiences.

Completing the moose test participants will realize the speeds when your car will simply run out of road space. Considering the daily speeds the result can be very surprising.

In addition to that we will try to get your car sideways and give you some idea of how to keep it under control under those circumstances. 

If there is some time left, there will be some timed slalom or other trials to keep the competitional side up.

Ending the day in dark it will be possible to compare and evaluate the use of headlights, fog lights etc, compare the visibility with braking distances and so on.

You can find additional information about the consultative events from the "contact" area.

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