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Behaviour on ice

When going on ice, keep in mind a couple of simple rules to make sure your training day will be safe for you and others:

1. Make sure you have warm clothes-hat-gloves and another pair of footwear. The shoes/boots should be the ones you feel comfortable to drive in.

2. No harm can come from a thermos with warm tea :)

3. If something happens to your car, it's your fault.

4. If you crash your car, it's your fault.

5. The casco and other insurances are not valid on ice tracks.

6. While doing the excercises or driving on track keep enough distance to other cars to avoid crashing.

7. The safety of passing is always the responsibility of the driver of passing vehicle (the one that comes from behind). If one party is at a standstill, the moving party is responsible.

8. If there are consultants on track, their warnings and orders are final and non-arguable.

9. If going on frozen waters alone, always notify your near ones.

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